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Online Sales Agent Application Form

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Become an Online Sales Agent (OSA)

An online sales agent (OSA) is basically a charity staff member, charity volunteer or a local person to the charity shop that wants to take on the role of OSA, clearly the local person would have to be verified and approved by the charity shop manager.

Once someone has been cleared and appointed as a volunteer or staff OSA then its time to figure out the best way to handle the logistics and the money side, how this is carried out is totally up to you and your charities guidelines. However, we have thought long and hard about it and maybe come up with a couple of ideas below…

Scenario 1: [If the charity shop is run by a charity shop manager and a couple of shop staff where one of them are the official OSA] This scenario will be easy to set up, all the items will be added by the shop computer, anyone interested will come through the online shop sales email or telephone. Discussions, sales, prices, payments, delivery and after sales will all be in-house, efficient and quick.

Scenario 2: [This scenario is where an OSA is unknown or new to your charity and volunteering and wants to work from home] Once a new OSA has been appointed but not yet had time to build up trust then an air of caution is advised, we feel there are a number of ways to move forward from here. Having your OSA work from home is a great idea, it makes the charity shop look uncluttered and gives shop volunteers and staff room to maneuver and concentrate on shop sales without distraction. When trying to find the ideal OSA they should have the following..

  1. An OSA should have a traceable track record of sales and be recommended by an organization, friend, relative or notary.
  2. An OSA should be open and sympathetic to the plight of people who need a helping hand in life to get through their ups and downs and want to see the hungry, homeless, jobless, and many others that need an helping hand to cope.
  3. An OSA must be reliable, helpful, a great thinker and have a home computer, an unused room at their home to process the charity items, a PayPal account and plenty of time on their hands.
  4. If you allow your OSA to take 20 items at a time that have already been priced and a record kept by the charity then the OSA can add the items to their online shop, we recommend that OSA’s have a PayPal account where they can receive money for sold items and an agreed postage amount. Raised funds at the end of the month along with a list of sold items plus postage costs can be settled between OSA and the Charity Shop Manager. Number of items and the overall value can be raised or lowered at the shop managers discretion.

Please keep in mind that finding the right type of OSA with the right outlook on life and the right skills are important, on average there are 10 charity shops in a town and thousands of genuine people looking for something to do. Its a situation that’s in your favor so choose carefully.